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20 Hours
Scholar Level 1 20 Hour TEFL Course
£ 69


Start building a solid foundation in TEFL with this course which quickly and easily teaches you all the important elements to teaching English. We use the most up to date technology to help you absorb your learning immediately and retain it long term.


When you successfully complete this level you'll receive your TEFL Scholar Level 1 TEFL Certificate. It's an internationally recognized and highly regarded TEFL qualification.


On this course you'll study your choice of one of the following modules:


The Fundamentals of English Teaching

  • Structure of language.
  • Grammar foundations
  • Teaching grammar practically


Teaching Kids and Teenagers

The basics for teaching younger students

  • Managing the challenges!
  • Win them over with Stories
  • Young Learners Lesson Planning


Teaching Advanced Students

  • English in Business
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
  • Teaching individuals
  • Test preparation


Teaching with Imagination

  • Handling large class numbers
  • Adapting to less ideal environments
  • Prioritising learning
  • Understanding cultural differences


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Once you see how achievable this new skill is we bet you'll be eager to improve your qualification. Move on to one of your higher levels and boost your CV.


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