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80 Hours
Scholar Level 1 80 Hour TEFL Course
£ 259
Start jumping the queue for desirable teaching positions with the package of skills you'll complete on this robust course. A solid foundation combined with specialist skills for a range of student types will gain you a TEFL Intermediate Certificate. Along with your practical knowledge, your confidence will grow and you can plan on making your hard work pay off.

Get yourself noticed among applicants for international teaching positions by completing this thorough training in all aspects of TEFL, culminating in a 80 hour Principal Certificate. You’ll receive solid, practical knowledge in the fundamentals of teaching English along with specialist training to cover specific situations.

You’ll take four modules;

Foundations in English Teaching and three specialist modules.

Our course designers have many years proven experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages. They’ve tweaked every line of every module so it’s focused and relevant. New, modern learning techniques help you absorb the course material smoothly and integrate your learning into long term knowledge.

Foundations of English Teaching

  • The building blocks of language
  • Grammar fundamentals
  • Practical grammar teaching

Teaching Juniors and Teens

  • Young Learner fundamentals
  • Challenges in the Young Learner classroom
  • The Magic of Stories
  • Lesson Planning for Young Learners

Higher Level Teaching

  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
  • Business English
  • Preparation for Tests
  • Teaching 1-to-1

Resourceful Teaching

  • Very large classes
  • Teaching in challenging situations
  • Putting the Learner first
  • Cross-cultural issues and behavior

Successful completion of this 80 hour TEFL course awards you your TEFL Intermediate Certificate, an achievement to be very proud of.

Choosing this comprehensive, 4 module course gives you a wide choice of career options. You increase your employment potential and show employers you’re serious about being versatile and adaptable as well as excellently trained. Get your career boost started today!

Pop into our virtual student office anytime you’d like some guidance. We’re always happy to help. Find us in your virtual campus. If you’re on the run or having a duvet day, email us directly at info@teflcambridge.com

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