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Scholar Level 5 140 Hour TEFL Course
£ 399
You can aim right for the top with our most distinguished and advanced level of training. Once you've completed all the units in this course and received your TEFL qualifications, you'll be prepared to begin your TEFL career. You'll also be fully prepared to sit the Cambridge ESOL TKT exam if you'd like to enhance your CV. You'll learn every last skill, tip and piece of advice our very experienced course writers have gained in their teaching years. Though the content covers a broad bank of knowledge, it's presented in really clear and modern ways to help you learn smoothly and steadily.

You'll receive the Scholar Level 5 TEFL Certificate on completion. This complete package will jump you straight to the top of any application list and ensure you can pick your favorite destination to live out your dreams!

During this course you'll study Fundamentals of English Teaching, the TKT preparation course and all three of our specialist teaching modules - Teaching Kids and Teenagers, Teaching Advanced Students and Teaching with Imagination.


The Fundamentals of English Teaching

  • Structure of language
  • Grammar foundations
  • Teaching grammar practically


Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Preparatory Module

These units prepare you for the 5 sections of the TKT test. Take plenty time to revise and re-read often and give yourself your best chance of acing your test!

  • Language Module:Functions, Grammar, Lexis and Pronunciation
  • Language Skills Module:Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing
  • TKT Certificate 1 Module:Learning and Teaching Languages Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 1
  • TKT Certificate 2 Module:Teaching Materials and Lesson Planning Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 2
  • Classroom Management Module


To find your nearest testing centre and schedule a date to sit your TKT exam, follow this link: http://cambridgeesol-centres.org/centres/index.do


Teaching Kids and Teenagers

  • The basics for teaching younger students
  • Managing the challenges!
  • Win them over with Stories
  • Young Learners Lesson Planning


Teaching Advanced Students

  • English in Business
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
  • Teaching individuals
  • Test preparation


Teaching with Imagination

  • Handling large class numbers
  • Adapting to less ideal environments
  • Prioritising learning
  • Understanding cultural differences


Why it's the most complete and reputable TEFL training you'll find:

  • You'll practice with sample lesson plans, listen to audio lessons and watch live teaching, fully preparing you for being in a classroom.
  • The course content is compiled by experienced tutors and professors who have the inside track on what to teach and how to do it effectively.
  • Our support team has been on the TEFL journey and understands every step of the way.
  • You are guaranteed the highest teaching standard available.
  • You give yourself the best credentials possible when considering top positions worldwide.


This excellent 140 hour course gives you the opportunity to change career, consider a wide choice of international locations or give your CV some serious clout!


Imagine how exciting it would be to experience intriguing new cultures and explore fascinating places. Change your future today - get started on your TEFL Cambridge Scholar Level 5 TEFL Certificate.


Pop into our student office anytime you'd like some guidance. We're always happy to help. Find us in your virtual campus. If you 're on the run or having a duvet day, email us directly at info@teflcambridge.com.


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