Complete TEFL Teacher Pack

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As a qualified TEFL teacher or one in training, the Complete TEFL Teacher's Pack provides you with all the classroom resources you'll need, all the guidance required for successful job hunting and the advice you need for professional teacher development. Contained in this Complete TEFL Teacher's Pack are three professionally written downloadable and re-usable resources: The Grammar Guide, Lesson Plan Pack and 30 Ready to Roll Preparation-Free Activities to use anytime with any level plus the downloadable Professional Teacher Development Guide and TEFL Job Hunter's Guide.

Job Hunter's Guide

This guide will help you to become prepared for the world of TEFL job hunting; it will save you lots of time and make sure that you stay ahead of the game. This 40-page downloadable guide will steer you on the path of making the most of your hard-earned teaching qualification and give you the tools to land the job that you’re looking for.

Firstly you’ll take an overview of the English Language Teaching market. The guide will cover the most popular TEFL locations around the world as well as explaining the conditions that teachers work under. You’ll learn what sort of lifestyle to expect when abroad and what salary and employment packages are on offer.

The guide discusses all of the essential things that you should think about before choosing a TEFL job location and what considerations to address before you apply for a TEFL job. Topics such as health and taxes, paperwork and types of school, salary and qualifications are all covered.

Chapter two, “Best Foot Forward” looks at the types of teaching you might be doing in your new job as well as the different the type of employers that exist. Writing a covering letter and CV are also covered in this chapter, your vital first contact, with a prospective employer.

The third chapter, “Time to Apply” shows you how to do the necessary research and groundwork for job hunting and tells you how you can shine during your interview. There are examples of what questions you will be asked and what questions should you ask during interviews.

Last but not least, we look at ways to develop your new career as an ESL teacher, how to get the next job and how to re-enter the world beyond TEFL. View Sample.


Lesson Plan Pack

With the TEFL Cambridge Lesson Plan Pack at your fingertips, you’ll never be at a loss in the classroom for complete lessons available to use any time!

The Lesson Plan Pack is a 121-page downloadable resource that contains 40 lesson plans that have been designed to be as accessible as possible. The lesson plans are numbered 1-40 and cover 11 different topics, from hobbies to holidays. This resource pack contains a selection of plans that are designed for easy use and that are as adaptable as possible.

The target language featured in these plans is aimed at Lower Intermediate students; however this pack of lesson plans can be adapted by using more advanced language. The activities themselves can usually be combined with other target language and will be a valuable addition to any teacher's bag of tricks.  View sample.


The Grammar Guide

Turn grammar lessons into a pleasure with this guide and gain the expert knowledge you need to be able to teach the essentials of English grammar confidently. You’ll cover the basics of English grammar at Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels using The Grammar Guide.

The guide uses ‘how we make it’ and ‘how we use it’ sections for each grammar point in the downloadable resource. Included is also a section that displays the most common mistakes that English learners make with grammar points, this will help you to be more prepared when teaching it. View sample.


Ready to Roll! 30 Preparation-Free Activities

This downloadable collection of activity instructions will give you the tools to transform your teaching instantly. This resource offers effective hit activities from warmers to roundups and guarantees to inject some fun into your classroom.

Ready to Roll! 30 Preparation-Free Activities is a 63-page collection that contains all you need to run 30 of the best loved language teaching activities for any class. In the collection you’ll find Icebreakers, Warmers, Fillers, Discussions, Roundups and much more. This is a downloadable e-book full of simple ideas that offer guaranteed success. They have all been tried and tested by teachers. The activities in this book require very little time to prepare and few materials. The activities are adaptable for use with any student level and can also be modified for use with any target language.  View sample.


Professional Development Guide

Have you found your vocation in teaching? This guide will help you to identify areas in which you can develop as a teacher making your job more interesting, satisfying and successful.The Professional Teacher’s Career Guideis a downloadable handbook that will point you in all the right directions when it comes to developing your skills as a teaching and building a successful career in the ESL industry.

The guide explains the range of TEFL training and qualifications that are available to you as well as looking at different job roles in the world of teaching English as a foreign language. It shows you how to build your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) through colleagues, attending conferences, joining teachers’ organisations and by using online resources.

The guide looks at how to prepare yourself for the classroom, how to use body language and positivity and how to motivate yourself along with your students. You will learn how to stay happy and how to harness your positive energy for use in the classroom and beyond.  

View sample.

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