TEFL Cambridge Online
TEFL Cambridge Online Courses
80 Hours
Scholar Level 1 80 Hour TEFL Course
Start jumping the queue for desirable teaching positions with the package of skills you'll complete on this robust course. A solid foundation combined with specialist skills for a range of student types will gain you a TEFL Intermediate Certificate. Along with your practical knowledge, your confidence will grow and you can plan on making your hard work pay off.
60 Hours
Scholar Level 3 60 Hour Cambridge ESOL TKT prep Course
With a Cambridge ESOL qualification in your back pocket you'll be welcomed without question when applying for teaching positions. The Teaching Knowledge Test, TKT, is internationally acclaimed and widely recognised as a highly competent standard.
20 Hours
Scholar Level 1 20 Hour TEFL Course
Start building a solid foundation in TEFL with this course which quickly and easily teaches you all the important elements to teaching English. We use the most up to date technology to help you absorb your learning immediately and retain it long term.