Why TEFL Cambridge
Why TEFL Cambridge

TEFL Cambridge training courses are accredited by ACCREDITAT (Valid until 31st May 2020 only) . This means that they’ve been independently verified for quality and consistency. It’s important to choose a training provider who has had their courses assessed by an independent body, to verify that your teaching qualification is meaningful.

Joining TEFL Cambridge is like walking onto your TEFL campus. Our wise professors, dedicated tutors and friendly, helpful student office are here to fully support your training. We’re backed by a 35 year accredited teaching reputation and see our graduates surpass their dreams with the credibility of an internationally celebrated TEFL Cambridge qualification. Become a fresher today and put an exciting future in your back pocket. 

What is TEFL Cambridge? TEFL Cambridge is a one stop online TEFL training centre, courses run from 20 to 140 hours and are professionally designed and thoughtfully constructed with the student in mind.

Our system of training guarantees success.The TEFL Cambridge range of courses is specially designed to meet the needs of all English speakers who wish to train to become teachers of English. We are the leading provider of TEFL training within Europe and our years of experience show in our excellent range of courses.

These professionally designed, fine-tuned programmes will guide you effortlessly through the most up to date methodology of language teaching, in a series of carefully crafted units that make learning easy and interesting. Each unit is followed by a multiple choice test designed to assess your understanding and retention of the material and highlight any areas of weakness. This system ensures that you are fully prepared for the eventual examination that you will take at the end of the course.

Confidence leads to SuccessWe aim to increase confidence by focusing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners. Our expertly skilled educators ensure participating teachers have academically sound qualifications which are highly valued internationally.

Easy learningTEFL Cambridge consists of a series of professional, fine-tuned programmes and adopts a relaxed, comfortable approach to training which enables participants to learn effectively and easily.  The courses use state of the art methodology of English Language Teaching to Adults and Young Learners.

International RecognitionOnce completed, our TEFL Cambridge course fully prepares you to confidently complete the University of Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) examination, an internationally recognised, prestigious and impressive qualification. It is your passport to a highly-respected and successful career in English Language Teaching.

MembershipTEFL Cambridge actively seeks reputable partnerships and memberships that will support us in our aim to deliver training excellence to our trainee English teachers.

IATEFLTEFL Cambridge is an institutional member of IATEFL (member number 24972). IATEFL stands for International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and is dedicated its mission to 'link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals' throughout the world.