A Guide To TEFL Job Hunting

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This guide will help you to become prepared for the world of TEFL job hunting; it will save you lots of time and make sure that you stay ahead of the game. This 40-page downloadable guide will steer you on the path of making the most of your hard-earned teaching qualification and give you the tools to land the job that you’re looking for.

Firstly you’ve take an overview of the English Language Teaching market. The guide will cover the most popular TEFL locations around the world as well as explaining the conditions that teachers work under. You’ll learn what sort of lifestyle to expect when abroad and what salary and employment packages are on offer.

The guidediscusses all of the essential things that you should think about before choosing a TEFL job location and what considerations to address before you apply for a TEFL job. Topics such as health and taxes, paperwork and types of school, salary and qualifications are all covered.

Chapter two, “Best Foot Forward” looks at the types of teaching you might be doing in your new job as well as the different the type of employers that exist. Writing a covering letter and CV are also covered in this chapter, your vital first contact, with a prospective employer.

The third chapter, “Time to Apply” shows you how to do the necessary research and groundwork for job hunting and tells you how you canshine during your interview. There are examples of what questions you will be asked and what questions should you ask during interviews.

Last but not least, we look at ways to develop your new career as an ESL teacher, how to get the next job and how to re-enter the world beyond TEFL.  View Job Hunter’s Guide Sample

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